Market Development

Strategy and business advisory

We help you to devise the best strategy to reach your targets in China, analyzing your company background and current performance, and suggesting the best solutions according to the regulatory framework and procedures.

We help to identify weaknesses in the company’s operational procedures such as areas of non-compliance with relevant regulations, and alert your management to risks and liabilities for the company and employees.

We monitor the implementation and effectiveness of these solutions.

Case study: A foreign-invested manufacturing company had been the subject of inspection by Chinese authorities and received fines for infractions of regulations. To avoid future problems, the investor engaged PAS-Yijie to verify that all licenses were in order and that the company’s activities were in compliance with regulations.

What we did:
• Analyzed activities allowed by the original approval and by current laws and regulations;
• Investigated the validity of the company’s current licenses and the procedures for extending their validity;
• Examined the operations, documentation, rules and procedures of the company as they related to relevant laws and regulations;
• Probed for weaknesses in the company’s procedures;
• Identified areas of non-compliance with relevant regulations and risks and liabilities for the company and its employees;
• Devised solutions, developed procedures and allocated responsibilities.

The resulting report demonstrated the need to apply for an Environment Assessment Approval for some of its activities, showed that there were areas of non-compliance, highlighted areas for further investigation, and outlined remedial actions for management to take to put things right.

Market Development
We can help you with market entry and development of your business in China.
• Assistance in developing a marketing plan
• Analysis of entry barriers in the sector, in particular regulatory barriers
• Identification of suitable distributors and agents and help with selection
• Negotiation and conclusion of commercial contracts, including trademark licensing
• Resolution of commercial disputes

Case study: The client was a producer of a new type of interior decoration material. The company had a worldwide sales network, but China was a new market. PAS-Yijie was initially engaged to conduct market research, assist in the formulation of a market strategy, and search for commercial partners. We…
• analyzed supply and demand in China, distribution channels, pricing, import procedures and costs, and benchmarked competitors;
• registered the client’s trademark in China;
• found commercial partners and negotiated a distribution agreement;
• Set up the Shanghai office of the company;
• Searched for the Sales Manager for Greater China and assisted with recruitment.