HR and Accounting

Human Resource Support 

• Personnel search
• Assistance with hiring and dismissal procedures
• Labour contracts preparation and advice

Accounting and tax

All the necessary support to ensure that your China investment is compliant and transparent to headquarters.
• Coaching and supervision of financial department
• Bookkeeping, preparation of financial statements
• Management of Company seal, legal representative and financial seal
• Tax consulting
• Internal audit, troubleshooting

Management Support

We can provide support to your China General Manager and at the same time assist HQ with monitoring the investment.
• Carry out periodic monitoring visits
• Identify problems, weaknesses and liabilities; suggest solutions and monitor remedial actions
• Help set up management systems essential for good governance and performance
• Provide advice on employee manual and its preparation

Regulatory Activities

• Filing of Annual Report
• Unification of Different Registration Certificates, Licenses, Permits